Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Video: Gazans running phone bank for Obama


This disgusting creature, called Barrack HUSSEIN Obama/Osama, is getting help from the youth of Palestine.

Now, why would any American vote for a candidate that is endorsed by Hamas, Jimmy Carter, Hugo Chavez, Iran, ETC. and has Palestinians (BTW, not a recognized country by the United States) working the phones for him?

The perfect storm is brewing, folks.

I hate Obama!

It's all about change and change and more change. Why don't you Obama change yourself and move the hell out of here and go where you belong?

Why don't you change directions and go and settle in one of the palestinian camps in the Gaza strip so we can bomb the hell out of you?
That would be GOOD CHANGE!



domino said...

Very impresive!!!Confirm it our suspicicions!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, more ramblings from another radical right wing racist twit. Yes, god forbid the Palestinians, who aren't all terrorists, support a man who isn't going to bend over and kiss Israel's ass no matter what it does. God forbid they'd want to see someone who'd actually work towards peace.
Seriously, what is this type of nonsense going to do other than cause more trouble? If you have an issue with Obama or his policies, then find them. This sort of crap has little if anything to do with his competence or lack thereof as a leader. What the hell does his name have to do with anything, other than the fact that you and your ignorant, racist brethren can't separate the word Muslim from terrorist?

This type of nonsense needs to stop. We are in the middle of two wars, oil and food prices are through the roof, the credit industry is crumbling, and all of our good paying jobs are being outsourced to Asia or are importing cheap labor. What is your ludicrous name calling going to solve? We've been dealing with these kinds of tactics for at least a decade now on both sides of the isle. Talk about the issues. Talk about how Obama is going to fail to solve them. Talk about how whoever you are backing will.

All you have done is proven you are a simpleminded, racist twit. Please,practice what you preach, and leave this country. We would be better off without you.

Spook said...

Racist? What race are we talking about? islam is not a race fucktard it's a religion..a so called religion at that. Why is that so hard for stupid liberals to understand?

If islam is a race, then what race is Christianity? What race is Judaism? What color are these people? Can you answer that?

You can't because they're religions not races, people of different colors worship all of them. And as for your pet Palestinians, get this straight, they are human waste.

They are the 'red headed step children' of the whole fucking world because no one wants them.

The Saudis don't want them in their country, the Kuwaitis, Syrians and Jordanians don't want anymore of them. The Iranians and Iraqis don't welcome them with open arms either.

They are the low-lifes of the Middle East, it's just the way it is. Everybody has a place in life.

Ever wonder how it is that palestinians who live in Israel, and yes many do and are Israeli citizens, are treated humanely, not persecuted and have families and full time jobs?

Oh, I guess they would be race traitors according to you right? Can a Jew and a Christian live in peace and harmony on an equal level in a muslim country?

No..why? Because muslims are the most hateful, uneducated, intolerant and backward people on earth. And as far as B. Hussein Obama is concerned, he's an empty suit who speaks well, that's it. Clean and articulate I believe he was called by a fellow DemoRat.

He's a socialist, marxist, pacifist bastard and his only policies are called hope and change. He's a fucking joke who associates with racists and terrorists.

Maybe you should be the one who leaves this country before the explosion comes and the bloodbath begins. My side will win I promise you.

So fuck off troll and go back to the sewers of the DailyKos, Huffington Post and their kind. You certainly don't belong here.

The Sniper said...

Obama's policies? What policies? He has no policies other than "hope" and I hate to burst your bubble pal, but "hope" isn't a good game plan. Example:

Reporter: "Hey General MacArthur, what's the plan for regaining control fo the Pacific after Pearl Harobor?
MacArthuer: "Um, hope?"

Or maybe something that speaks to your more selfish side...

You: "Hey doctor, how are you going to remove this tumor in my brain?"
Doctor: "Um, hope?"

Pretty effin stupid, right? You can't attack policies if they don't exist you moron.

As for the palestinians, I don't like ANY foreigners campaigning for OUR president. If you think THAT is a good policy, you shouldn't be allowed to vote in the first place. It's people like you that make me think that literacy tests at the polls aren't such a bad idea.

I, for one, do not want to see you leave this country... I do, however, want to see the look on your face when they try to enact Sharia law here. Oh wait, it's already started.

Spook said...

Actually literacy tests would be a good idea. Some people are just so damn stupid they shouldn't be allowed to vote for the good of the country.

Remember Florida in 2000? How hard is it to punch a hole in a piece of paper next to a guys name? They shouldn't have been given ballots in the first place, morons

Mark In Irvine said...

"v-nighthawk said... Oh boy, more ramblings from another radical right wing racist twit.

"Spook said... Racist? What race are we talking about?"

He's probably talking about your monkey-eating-a-banana t-shirt and the phoneyed-up picture of Obama with the huge Afro and the shit-eating grin.