Friday, May 9, 2008

The Myth of the FEMA Concentration Camp Part II

-Readiness Exercise 1984

Or REX 84 as it is called, is just a scenario that was looked at, just like USAMARIID’s Bio-War ’04. Just because they played the scenario doesn’t mean they will actually do it. That’s like saying because the military played wargames about a possible war in Europe with the Soviet Union as the aggressor, doesn't mean that war actually happened. (It didn't by the way)

Lets put that into a different perspective. Emergency services train their people with scenarios about accidents and disasters, does that mean that particular accident or disaster will happen? The concept is training, NOT, 'lets hope that scenario comes true, because I really want to detain my neighbor because he’s such an asshole'. Are we to believe that somewhere deep inside the Pentagon or some government sponsored think tank that scenarios aren’t thought up?

When I was working at the Naval Station in Pascagoula, just before Katrina hit us, we conducted a terrorist attack exercise involving a 'suitcase nuke'. This exercise was conducted jointly between the US Navy, Coast Guard, Miss. State Hwy. Patrol, and the Sheriffs Dept. FEMA was not involved and the nuke attack obviously didn't actually happen. But, it was a worthwhile training exercise, the kind that must be done by the military, police and yes the Federal Govt.
Operation Garden Plot:
-aka United States Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2

This is some misguided person’s paranoia going full out and a misinterpretation of the scenario. Most likely they came across this information in pieces and not as a whole document. Taken as it is, it can be scary for the uninformed. Reading it as the entire document, it relates to military assistance without violating the federal law of Posse Comitatus. By now some of you will be saying ‘What about FEMA relocating people during Katrina? Yes they did, under the pretense of removing them to a safer area.

But FEMA is NOT part of the Department of Defense and not a military unit. Originally, the idea of relocating the citizens of New Orleans was to remove them from the 'chemical soup' that was now flowing in the city caused by the flooding, household chemicals, sewer overflow, fuel, oil, breeched levees, and floating bloated bodies, animal and human. And keep in mind New Orleans was a filthy dirty city long before Katrina struck.

Who wouldn’t want to be removed from all that potential source of disease and infection?I’m not saying how FEMA did it was totally correct, but given the warning timeframe the population had, more of them should have left the area prior to Katrina than really did. Anyone with approx. 72 hours of warning could have easily been in another state even if they had to use their child’s toy wagon to pull their supplies or at the least been to high ground.

-These NOLA kids look miserable and scared to death in their FEMA 'concentration camp' don't they?

But, I’m not making excuses for how the emergency was handled especially on the local level, I’m trying to point out that the idea of FEMA building and controlling detention centers, concentration camps, displaced persons centers, whatever you want to call them, is totally ludicrous and not within the realm of possibility unless FEMA becomes part of the Justice Department and even then where did, or will the funding come from for these ‘secret’ detainment facilities.
-Supposed FEMA 'concentration camp' in Nashville, TN

I got the following off of one of these websites:

-Did you know?

Public Law 87-297 calls for complete disarmament so the UN can "maintain internal peace".
-51 million American acres are now UN designated!

-Military capacity of US is 65% and UN is 800% of our 1991 levels.

-The UN Children's Rights takes responsibility away from parents and gives it to the state.

-No mention of God in the UN Charter.

-AIDS was UN-induced for population control (House Bill 15090.) HB 666 crushes our 4th Amendment Rights. (Black people would be shocked to hear that it wasn't the CIA lol!)

-UN command of US troops (PDD 25).
(you've got be kidding me)

The web sites supporting this nonsense need to be looked at very closely. Most of the groups or individuals responsible for them have taken the reports, scenarios and information out of context and then added their own fevered paranoia to them before force-feeding them to the gullible public or rather, THE SHEEPLE! Some of these sites actually have ‘authentic’ video footage of these proposed prisons. Imagine a video of a warehouse with razor wire and renovation going on.

Most of these videos are grainy and poorly shot, they could be almost anywhere the narrator tells you they are. I don’t know about some people but in places where I've worked, we've had unmarked warehouses, outbuildings without windows off by themselves, and the entire site would be surrounded by eight to twelve foot chain link security fencing and razor wire on top.

-Was I actually working in a FEMA concentration camp all along and didn't know it?

Realistically, the appearance of chain link fencing topped with razor wire is not something odd. Most of the businesses in the area look the same and some even have guard shacks by the entrance. If you were to apply the lack of cognizant thought perpetrated on these paranoid sites, then all the businesses in this area are really secret government detention centers.

The best part is the photos on some sites showing the guard towers and fenced perimeters. Look close and you can see the aiming stakes in the field. That means that this area is actually some kind of firing range for rifles or other long guns. What is conveniently left out are the signs warning that it is a small arms range area. The towers are for the range safety officers and/or observers. Such as the picture below.

-Supposed FEMA concentration camp location...this is hilarious

What is really amusing is that some of these sites can produce documents detailing the use of civilian prisoner labor. That’s not a new topic. Back in the early days of WWII, several prisons sent their work crews to build new or improve existing military installations. That answers the US Army civilian inmate labor program. That program is still in existence today but is not used as much as it was back in the early 1940s.

*More to come in Part III


Anonymous said...

For anyone reading this comment....I would go out to these locations personally and look for yourselfs...they not hard to find..just a little searching and you will see that they have one in your'll see the trains too....and then you decide if they are real or not.

SIREN said...


They don't exist and I have been to what you call/referred to as a FEMA camp. A lot of them are just like the one you see above, abandoned shooting ranges, military training posts, such as Ft. Hood, or simply old plants, etc.

I actually have a friend who is stationed at Ft. Hood and getting ready to be deployed in a month and when he found out that people were calling Ft. Hood a "newly built FEMA death camp" he laughed so hard and actually made a video to show the so called FEMA camp at FT. Hood.

Here it is:


Anonymous said...

I am here at Fort Hood, and have heard nothing or the concentration camps. Ya we have gates, and our vehicles are inspected but its for our protection. Its been like this since 9/11.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a similar picture posted on a site that had some road signs in a foreign language within them. I looked up the info and found that the pictures were actually from some place in Bosnia though the site claimed they were inside the U.S.

There is a fraud going on with these reports and it is not from the U.S. govt!

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Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering now that it's 2012 and the camps have been stated ON RECORD to exist what your thoughts are now. Or if you are still living in a state of denial.

MIRA said...

The camps have not been proven to exist if not in some conspiracy website and the fact that is 2012 is no different than if it was 2011 or 2013 or 2020...
The question here is when will you people stop been retarded and not believe shit you see in the internet

Anonymous said...

It is now 2013, and the summer is getting ready to end. Fort Gillem is supposedly one of these camps. Obama, in 2009 or so, downsized our US military, causing the evacuation of many many military bases, and the loss of many many jobs. These are the same bases that are supposedly going to be used as FEMA camps. Why are there so many? Why are they capable of holding so many people? What could possibly happen in GA that would warrant one of these? I can see by the borders, and near the ocean. I can see near tornado alley, but not here in Atlanta...