Friday, May 30, 2008

What A Perfect Backdrop For Obama and Clinton

*COMMUNISM KILLS.....NObama, NOClintonov 08!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update On British Blogger 'Lionheart'

The British State’s leash around my neck

-From Lionheart

28 May 2008-An update on my situation with regards to my arrest on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred through written material on my blog. I was arrested, and placed in a police cell for hours, then questioned over the police investigation into me and my blog several months back.

-read the entire article, what a travesty of free speech to treat a citizen in such a way. It's disgusting and the British police and courts should be ashamed of themselves....but I know they're not.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Now, don't tell moslems. We don't want to hurt their feeling. OK?


The liberals and war protesters like to bring up the number of brave men and women
who have made the supreme sacrifice in the war on terror. They shamelessly use the numbers to advance their own political agenda. While each death of a soldier holds an honored place in Americas history, they are but a handful compared to the millions of men and women who have given their lives to protect our freedom and that of other peoples around the world. As we approach 5000 war dead within 5 years of war, not counting those lost on 9/11, remember that we have lost that many in one battle at times in our history, and not that long ago. During WWII, the loses in the Pacific were staggering by comparison.
Most of all let us honor their sacrifice by remembering that each and every one of them chose to be there. Their unselfish sacrifice in giving their lives for the cause of freedom is what sustains our freedom today.
When you gaze upon our Flag, you will see them marching behind it stretching to eternity and beyond. Honor them by honoring those who still serve, and those who will. Most of all, pray for their families for their sacrifice is a living one that lasts a lifetime.




God is watching over America!
May He continue to Bless her and our FREEDOM!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Brigitte Gabriel Channel -


Please listen to this woman very carefully. She knows from her own life experience, from being born and raised in Lebanon about what muslims can do to a nation, a society, a family, and a person. For more information please visit for more info and sign up to get email updates.

Friday, May 23, 2008


General Patton Jr.

Tomb of the Uknown

Memorial Day should be every day!

*Thank you to my father too who served in silence





Not one person, except jihadists, deserves this.
We are talking about basic human rights. Period.

Note: I uploaded it with a notation that Iran violated the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights just to see if that would prevent it from being censored. Lol, let's see if the UN can actually do something. I doubt it, but let's see. After all it is the truth, even though the UN Human Rights Council doesn't do anythin. No surprise there......

To My Fallen Brethren............

*Happy Memorial Day Weekend from the Gulf Coast. As a former soldier I ask everyone to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day, that it isn't just an extra day off.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Page After Page After Page!!

Islam is naturally and fundamentally violent, and those who are most in sync with it are the same. Violence is used as a first resort, no matter what, and justified by the islamic texts of the koran and hadith.


Apart from the vast number of jihadists, muslims at large are doing their part for jihad in their silence. Part of it is because the jihadists are a reproach to many muslims who know islam. muslims have no islamic argument to make against jihadists, but instead of admitting that openly and helping the civilized world better understand what we're facing, THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN, and have decided to wait it out to see who wins.

And then muslims bitch and moan about why they have such a rotten reputation. It's their indifference to anything outside of islam which is making us increasingly indifferent to them and islam, and which will lead us to begin saying and doing things that we should have already been doing by now.

Oh and F*CK ISLAM!!!!!!!

*posted by the Spook on Siren's behalf.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nice Shot! Court Kills NYC Gun Law

The media have been telling us to watch the gun-control case now before the U.S. Supreme Court, where we await a decision about Americans' Second Amendment rights. But the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals just handed down an equally important gun decision that has additional implications against judicial supremacy.

The court, which convenes in New York City, shot down the longtime liberal dream of achieving gun control by suing gun manufacturers for crimes committed by firearms. In a remarkable decision, this federal appellate court dismissed City of New York v. Beretta U.S.A. Corp. and protected gun corporations against frivolous lawsuits in state and federal courts.
*Our side is still achieving important victories despite all the idiocy going on in this country. I'm glad to see there are still some smart judges out there.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train?

Another Obama Bombshell? NObama 08'!

-Check this out, this is just breaking on the blogosphere.

There's speculation that one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton is still in the race is because she wants to be running should another bombshell like the Rev. Wright scandal hit the Obama campaign. According to Hillary Clinton supporter Larry Johnson,
there is another bomb out there, but it won't see the light of day until Obama is nominated:

"I now have it from two - three - four sources close to senior Republicans that they have video dynamite–Michelle Obama railing against "whitey" at Jeremiah Wright's church. Republicans may have a lousy record when it comes to the economy and the management of the war in Iraq, but they are hell on wheels when it comes to opposition research. Someone took the chance and started reviewing the recordings from services at Jeremiah Wright's United Church of Christ. Holy smoke!! I am told there is a clip that is being held for the fall to drop at the appropriate time. The last thing Barack and Michelle need is a new clip that raises further questions about her judgment and temperament."

*These people are racists, the whole lot of them. 'White Guilt' is the only thing that has gotten Obama and his America hating bitch wife this far.

Here's the site:

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Video: Gazans running phone bank for Obama


This disgusting creature, called Barrack HUSSEIN Obama/Osama, is getting help from the youth of Palestine.

Now, why would any American vote for a candidate that is endorsed by Hamas, Jimmy Carter, Hugo Chavez, Iran, ETC. and has Palestinians (BTW, not a recognized country by the United States) working the phones for him?

The perfect storm is brewing, folks.

I hate Obama!

It's all about change and change and more change. Why don't you Obama change yourself and move the hell out of here and go where you belong?

Why don't you change directions and go and settle in one of the palestinian camps in the Gaza strip so we can bomb the hell out of you?
That would be GOOD CHANGE!


NObama 08'!!

*It does remarkably bear a strong resemblance to ole Barry doesn't it?

Cleveland Man Pummeled to Death by 15, Urinated On and Stripped in the Street

CLEVELAND — Even by tough, urban crime standards it was a grisly attack: Up to 15 people chased a man, then kicked and beat him to death on the street. Before police arrived, one attacker urinated on the victim's head.

By the time Charles Gooden Jr., 41, took his final steps, the crime-hardened neighborhood had awakened and two people, talking in matter-of-fact tones, reported a man down, his clothes being dragged off. "You got a male being assaulted by 15 other guys. He's laying on the street," one 911 caller said.

It happened before dawn on April 27 on a street within a 10-minute drive of the city's skyscrapers, sports venues and tourist attractions, but across a chasm of poverty and crime in the most murder-ridden neighborhood in one of America's poorest cities.

Latangia Anderson, 23, Johnny Brown, 20, and Paris Moore, 19, all of Cleveland, have been charged with aggravated murder and each pleaded not guilty Monday in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. Bond was set at $1 million for each.The defendants said they were unable to afford an attorney and had lawyers appointed to represent them.

The attorneys said they couldn't comment on the case. Police expect more arrests.

*It should be obvious what color the victim was and what color his 15 assailants were because the media didn't mention a word about it. If it had been 15 white guys beating a black guy to death it would be national news.


These photos were just released of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. They were taken by an Israeli satelite just as the explosion happened.
I recieved this in an email today....I Dog.






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Friday, May 9, 2008

FEMA's National Level Exercise 2-08

-Here's another tasty little morsel for the conspiracy nuts out there to freak out about.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Exercise Program (NEP) conducted National Level Exercise 2-08 (NLE 2-08) a combined functional and full scale exercise from May 1 through May 8. NLE 2-08's goal is to merge the objectives of U.S. Northern Command's (NORTHCOM) Ardent Sentry 2008 exercise, FEMA National Continuity Program's (NCP) Eagle Horizon 2008 exercise (formerly known as Forward Challenge), and FEMA Disaster Operation's Hurricane Preparedness Exercise (HPE).

The purpose of NLE 2-08 is to exercise national capabilities to prepare and respond to multiple incidents including both natural disasters and terrorist incidents. The exercise was designed to include scenario elements addressing hurricane preparedness and response, national continuity capabilities, and Defense Support to Civil Authorities coordination in response to weapons of mass destruction terrorist attacks. The exercise venues involve a Category 4 hurricane impacting the Mid Atlantic Coast and the National Capitol Region and multiple terrorist attacks in Washington State.

Also during NLE 2-08, the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) tested it's response to an accidental chemical agent release at the Umatilla Chemical Depot in Oregon. And here's the kicker! Canada also participated through their Staunch Maple Exercise. (Aaaah!! NAU NAU!!)

The exercise allows Federal officials to implement continuity plans, test communications connectivity, operations and procedures for performing essential government functions from alternate locations, and interagency coordination. Additionally, it serves to demonstrate that essential functions can be effectively conducted during threats and emergencies.

NLE 2-08 is a NEP exercise conducted within the five year exercise schedule. The NEP is the nation's overarching homeland security exercise program, provides the federal government with a national, interagency wide program and a multi-year planning system to focus, coordinate, plan, conduct, execute, evaluate and prioritize national security and homeland security preparedness-related exercise activities.

FEMA coordinates the federal government's role in preparing for, preventing, mitigating the effects of, responding to, and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether natural or man-made, including acts of terror.

The Myth of the FEMA Concentration Camp Part I

-A look into the evergrowing Urban Legend and Internet Myth

The urban legend/Internet myth spreading the wild story that 'secret concentration camps' created by FEMA and manned by personnel from the military or DHS exist within the borders of the United States to house ‘detainees’ or displaced personnel from natural or man-made disasters or if the government wants to detain you and make the USA a police state is just that: A myth and a very popular urban legend.

-FEMA trailer staging ground

While on the topic of 'concentration camps' in the US run by FEMA, it would be remiss to not mention all the rest of the alleged plans and plots to take over the nation. Readiness Exercise 1984 which included some favorites like Operation Garden Plot and Operation Cable Splicer. These programs allegedly called for the shutdown of military bases to be used as detainment centers for displaced person, namely US citizens.

First, lets look at that concept. To shut down a military base. Where do you send the dependants? Where do you send the core support units? Where do you house all these displaced people? Over the last 10-15 years we have seen military base closures nationwide and worldwide through a program known as BRAC or Base Realignment and Closure and we have also seen how long it takes to close them down, reassign personnel and disband units.

*Anyone who has been in the military and/or understands logistics on a massive scale should understand this very well. I myself worked at Naval Station Pascagoula in Mississippi in 2005-2006 with a defense contractor, and that base was put on the BRAC and shut down. I and co-workers had to assist in this process, because we were intelligence and had to break down our SCIF. This is a long freakin' process, although Hurricane Katrina aided alot in some of the tearing down process, it was a nightmare.

Now supposedly, we are to accept the fact that within hours or days, a large enough installation is to be closed down and virtually overnight, be turned into a detainment center? The logistics alone are enough to give anyone an ulcer and migraine and are far beyond any agencies capabilities much less anything FEMA is capable of.

We are to believe FEMA, an agency which as we all saw had alot of problems during Katrina and other assorted disasters is supposed to be able to empty one or more military installations and get it ready for detainees? With all the problems FEMA has had with bad leadership and now being under Homeland Security’s umbrella, it seems extremely unlikely that they or any other agency could conduct this task efficiently or within any kind of time restraint let alone within our lifetime.

FEMA’s budget is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE! and therefore open to scrutiny. How could they hide the expense and cost of manning these alleged centers within that publicly disclosed document? This is the agency where five of the top eight agency officials came into their posts with virtually no experience in handling disasters and yet, the Internet myth and paranoia expects these people to have control over ‘relocation camps’?

*More to come in Part II

The Myth of the FEMA Concentration Camp Part II

-Readiness Exercise 1984

Or REX 84 as it is called, is just a scenario that was looked at, just like USAMARIID’s Bio-War ’04. Just because they played the scenario doesn’t mean they will actually do it. That’s like saying because the military played wargames about a possible war in Europe with the Soviet Union as the aggressor, doesn't mean that war actually happened. (It didn't by the way)

Lets put that into a different perspective. Emergency services train their people with scenarios about accidents and disasters, does that mean that particular accident or disaster will happen? The concept is training, NOT, 'lets hope that scenario comes true, because I really want to detain my neighbor because he’s such an asshole'. Are we to believe that somewhere deep inside the Pentagon or some government sponsored think tank that scenarios aren’t thought up?

When I was working at the Naval Station in Pascagoula, just before Katrina hit us, we conducted a terrorist attack exercise involving a 'suitcase nuke'. This exercise was conducted jointly between the US Navy, Coast Guard, Miss. State Hwy. Patrol, and the Sheriffs Dept. FEMA was not involved and the nuke attack obviously didn't actually happen. But, it was a worthwhile training exercise, the kind that must be done by the military, police and yes the Federal Govt.
Operation Garden Plot:
-aka United States Civil Disturbance Plan 55-2

This is some misguided person’s paranoia going full out and a misinterpretation of the scenario. Most likely they came across this information in pieces and not as a whole document. Taken as it is, it can be scary for the uninformed. Reading it as the entire document, it relates to military assistance without violating the federal law of Posse Comitatus. By now some of you will be saying ‘What about FEMA relocating people during Katrina? Yes they did, under the pretense of removing them to a safer area.

But FEMA is NOT part of the Department of Defense and not a military unit. Originally, the idea of relocating the citizens of New Orleans was to remove them from the 'chemical soup' that was now flowing in the city caused by the flooding, household chemicals, sewer overflow, fuel, oil, breeched levees, and floating bloated bodies, animal and human. And keep in mind New Orleans was a filthy dirty city long before Katrina struck.

Who wouldn’t want to be removed from all that potential source of disease and infection?I’m not saying how FEMA did it was totally correct, but given the warning timeframe the population had, more of them should have left the area prior to Katrina than really did. Anyone with approx. 72 hours of warning could have easily been in another state even if they had to use their child’s toy wagon to pull their supplies or at the least been to high ground.

-These NOLA kids look miserable and scared to death in their FEMA 'concentration camp' don't they?

But, I’m not making excuses for how the emergency was handled especially on the local level, I’m trying to point out that the idea of FEMA building and controlling detention centers, concentration camps, displaced persons centers, whatever you want to call them, is totally ludicrous and not within the realm of possibility unless FEMA becomes part of the Justice Department and even then where did, or will the funding come from for these ‘secret’ detainment facilities.
-Supposed FEMA 'concentration camp' in Nashville, TN

I got the following off of one of these websites:

-Did you know?

Public Law 87-297 calls for complete disarmament so the UN can "maintain internal peace".
-51 million American acres are now UN designated!

-Military capacity of US is 65% and UN is 800% of our 1991 levels.

-The UN Children's Rights takes responsibility away from parents and gives it to the state.

-No mention of God in the UN Charter.

-AIDS was UN-induced for population control (House Bill 15090.) HB 666 crushes our 4th Amendment Rights. (Black people would be shocked to hear that it wasn't the CIA lol!)

-UN command of US troops (PDD 25).
(you've got be kidding me)

The web sites supporting this nonsense need to be looked at very closely. Most of the groups or individuals responsible for them have taken the reports, scenarios and information out of context and then added their own fevered paranoia to them before force-feeding them to the gullible public or rather, THE SHEEPLE! Some of these sites actually have ‘authentic’ video footage of these proposed prisons. Imagine a video of a warehouse with razor wire and renovation going on.

Most of these videos are grainy and poorly shot, they could be almost anywhere the narrator tells you they are. I don’t know about some people but in places where I've worked, we've had unmarked warehouses, outbuildings without windows off by themselves, and the entire site would be surrounded by eight to twelve foot chain link security fencing and razor wire on top.

-Was I actually working in a FEMA concentration camp all along and didn't know it?

Realistically, the appearance of chain link fencing topped with razor wire is not something odd. Most of the businesses in the area look the same and some even have guard shacks by the entrance. If you were to apply the lack of cognizant thought perpetrated on these paranoid sites, then all the businesses in this area are really secret government detention centers.

The best part is the photos on some sites showing the guard towers and fenced perimeters. Look close and you can see the aiming stakes in the field. That means that this area is actually some kind of firing range for rifles or other long guns. What is conveniently left out are the signs warning that it is a small arms range area. The towers are for the range safety officers and/or observers. Such as the picture below.

-Supposed FEMA concentration camp location...this is hilarious

What is really amusing is that some of these sites can produce documents detailing the use of civilian prisoner labor. That’s not a new topic. Back in the early days of WWII, several prisons sent their work crews to build new or improve existing military installations. That answers the US Army civilian inmate labor program. That program is still in existence today but is not used as much as it was back in the early 1940s.

*More to come in Part III

The Myth of the FEMA Concentration Camp Part III

Concentration Camps run by FEMA in the locations reputed on websites are false. There is nothing there. The best site discussing these locations mentioned that armed guards were present. Ever wonder about that? The location that one such author allegedly visited was a water treatment plant.

Since 9/11 Homeland Security has made it a point to secure such sites with armed contract personnel to prevent terrorist incidents. Some measures called for the removal of trees close to fencing to prevent someone using it for cover or a point of egress.

-I discovered about a year ago on a moonbat website saying there was a FEMA 'concentration camp' located in Purvis, MS. I was suspicious because I had been up to Purvis for work. After a short period of time, I went back to the website and saw they had a picture posted of the 'camp'. The picture above is of the FEMA trailer staging ground in Purvis, MS. It's very similar to the picture that was posted on the site.

I've been there and seen it for myself. Those trailers are there in preparation for future storms, hurricanes and tornados primarily. They have to be there in order to respond to another hurricane on the coast, or a catastrophic tornado in MS to get people in shelter as soon as possible, but far enough away to be out of the disaster zone.
-Yea looks like pure hell doesn't it? Free living courtesy of the US taxpayer.

Or how about the ‘super secret’ government installation located in the Brook’s Range way up in Alaska? There’s nothing there. Before Christmas of last year the only new construction in the area was more gravel on the roads. The only constant rumor is some sort of hunting/fishing resort to be built in that area and that’s a rumor that’s been around for many years .

That rumor coincides with the alleged ‘huge’ mental facility located in Fairbanks, Alaska area that can hold up to 2 million government ‘dissidents.’ Where did the funding for this facility come from as it's supposed to manned by military personnel? From what branches of service, and do they all sign some secrecy paperwork to never talk about it?

Get real, this is the present day and cellphones, the Internet and other means of communication exist. Anyone can actually buy satellite photos now off the web (like the one below), how secret is this mythical mental hospital when you can order high-resolution satellite imagery of the legendary Area 51?

Then there is the ‘secret train car code’ that designates prison rail cars to be used for relocating civilians...GARBAGE. This is so much hysteria and paranoia its actually funny. This alleged rail car code has nothing to do with prisoner transport. These 'secret' numbers are used just like the numerical coding found on semi-trailers, those numbers identify the cargo and in the case of rail cars, identify the carrier, the carriers number code for type of rail car, and the type of cargo.

That leads to the intermodal number system, which is used to identify cars containing pressurized and non-pressurized cargo. An example could be something like a DOT or AAR prefix followed by a set of numbers, DOT120, DOT160, AAR150, etc. This is NOT some secret code for prison transport cars.

Ladies and gentlemen, take these claims that secret prisons, mysterious rail cars, and FEMA 'concentration camps' exist as nothing but paranoid ramblings of misinformed individuals who are feeding off each other’s paranoia of the government. Did anyone forget we are discussing FEMA here, the agency whose director had to be replaced not once but twice in less than 5 years? The agency with directors not originally qualified for the position?

It's basically up to you to search for the sites containing the paranoid ‘truth’ about concentration camps in the US. After reading most, you will find that they all say pretty much the same thing and contain almost the exact same videos and photos.

Here is a small list (I couldn't take much more) of moonbat links and sources starting with the Ron Paulians:

To put any residual fears to rest, here is a link clearly defining the military role in a disaster: