Saturday, January 12, 2008

Terrorists and Illegal Aliens - DOS Performance Reviews - FY00 and FY01

I thought I will do a performance evaluation to DOS for FY00 and FY01.

In the standard form #.... Give one performance example of effectiveness:

Example: Flight 77 and Hani Hanjour

Hani Hanjour – Hijacker (Pilot) of American Airlines flight 77

How he got his Visa:

Nationality – Saudi Arabia
Consulate for his Visa application - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Passport - Saudi, new, only 13 days old to mask his past trips to Afghanistan where he trained

Received - A two-year visa B-1/B-2 (given to tourists and business men)
Issue date of visa – September 2000 (a year before)
*He was never interviewed by a consular officer.

His application:

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Date of entry to the United States – December 8, 2000 (he never left the United States, despite the fact that U.S. Customs and Immigration Services at the airport gave him permission to stay for 6 months)

Port of entry –
Northern Kentucky International Airport (Six months before the entry of the other hijacker pilots)

His reason, given to the Jeddah Consular Officer –
ESL classes in Oakland, California (He never attended this school)

Lived in Phoenix, Arizona where he attended flight school (very low profile there)
Later moved to Virginia – where he obtained fraudulently a Virginia State Identification Card by paying two
ILLEGAL Salvadoran immigrants at a Seven Eleven in Falls Church, VA. JUST APPROX. 2 MILES FROM THE PENTAGON

Hanjour became the logistical mastermind part of the cell

Hanjour obtained his fraudulent ID at that Seven Eleven by bribing the first illegal Salvadoran. (He only paid $80 for it)

Hanjour later obtained 4 more fraudulent VA State ID cards from two other illegal aliens for the other hijackers. (Paid a total of $300 to the illegal Salvadorans from that same Seven Eleven)

Note the Expiration Date (September 23, 2001)

Sample of a VA ID card of one of the hijackers of flight #77
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Hanjour also bribed two more illegal aliens to provide false residency certificates and to provide false residency information on his behalf.

Later for another low fee, Hanjour obtained more false certified Virginia addresses. One of the ILLEGAL ALIENS gave Hanjour his old address.

With a legitimate address (though fictitious), all hijackers including Hanjour, could then obtain the following:

1) VA driver’s licenses
2) Social Security numbers with a NOT VALID FOR WORK stamp on it typically given to business men who put their financial assets in U.S. banks. This is good for the economy, however Hanjour and the rest of the cell used the one account opened to receive money in small amts. to pay rent, and to pay their ILLEGAL ALIEN helpers. They all lived a minimalist lifestyle until the last night of course.

Facts moral, other than DOS ineptitude....

The terrorists didn’t need to infiltrate any federal agency, spend a lot of money, buy expensive weapons, break into a classified systems network, or use high-tech equipment to conduct their terrorist attack. They basically went to the streets of the D.C. area and got ILLEGAL ALIENS to help them get housing, driver’s licenses, social securities, transportation, and bank accounts. And they got all of these from ILLEGAL ALIENS for pennies….

It wasn’t just the Virginia based cell that used ILLEGAL ALIENS as aids for their mission. All cells which conducted the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were helped by ILLEGAL ALIENS.

You are probably wondering why bring this up now when the terrorist attacks of 9/11 happened over 6 years ago and radical muslims are primarily operating overseas against U.S. allies or U.S. interest, and not on U.S. mainland. Two words for now. Madrassas and Saudi Arabia!

Well first of all, the book by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (ISBN 1-57736-341-8) containing all these details became available last year to the masses. Moreover, not a day goes by that individuals, civilians and federal employees, do not work hard to debunk and/or prevent another terrorist attack not only here on our soil, but also overseas. Obviously not DOS.

Secondly, ask yourself, if ILLEGAL ALIENS work for next to nothing and it is all “under the table”, what will stop them from doing it again? And right now, at least the D.C. area is infected with millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS standing on corners, outside CVS stores, Seven Elevens, etc. looking to get paid pennies and willing to do anything. That also includes crime, rapes, you name it. I see it every day….ugh!

I highly recommend everybody to read the book. The book is called “9/11 and Terrorist Travel” and it is a staff report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. The book contains a lot of information and it is only $10.00.

With the exception of Mohammed Atta, who obtained everything legally...
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... most of the terrorists of 9/11 were helped by ILLEGAL ALIENS here in our own soil…INS was also an agency affected by those infamous 8 ClitWilly years...

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Oh, just in case you were wondering, all of these f….ing terrorists are burning in hell with satan/allah (same thing) and the antichrist, Mohammed.

Finally, all I can say is that I am terrified if any democrat is elected as president. Those eight years of Clinton .... literally destroyed all aspects of U.S. defenses, its military, its intelligence community, and so on. For God’s sake, he paid millions to a third party with ties to Hezbollah in order to bypass the embargo during the Bosnian conflict.

Note: Two consular officers were responsible for approving the visas of 12 terrorists involved on the 9/11 attacks. Guess where they work now??? You guessed it right...

Where are those illegal aliens? They were held for questioning, then deported, but later crossed the border again. Now, they are back at that same Seven Eleven in Falls Church, VA.

So, I say DOS gets an "outstanding" performance evaluation report for FY00 and FY01