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I frankly don't have a clue why some Jews/Christians and any rational person who is a non-believer of any religion have been brainwashed that Obama is a good candidate for them.

Here is a piece of information for you YOU WON'T GET IN THE MEDIA....

As you all know, the Los Angeles Times is holding hostage a tape of Barack Obama at a 2003 Arab American Action Network (AAAN) dinner at which his friends, Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn were in attendance.

It's the story I started when Los Angeles Times plagiarist/"reporter" Peter Wallsten ripped off my January column on Barack Obama's Nation of Islam staffers and friendship with AAAN founder Ali Abunimah

But here's what you haven't yet heard: that a kids' dance troupe that appeared at the event has a history of simulating beheadings and stomping on American, Israeli, and British flags

Sanabel AlQuds Dance Troupe with Sword Beheading Accessories
Reports of the partial guest list at the 2003 dinner include "the Sanabel Debka troupe", but the group's name is really "Sanabel AlQuds Dabka troupe." Sanabel means "grains" or "kernels" (of wheat or barley) in Arabic.
AlQuds, or "The Holy", is the Muslim name for Jerusalem, which is ripped-off from the eternal Hebrew name for Jerusalem, "Ir Kadosh", or Holy City

The Milwaukee-based Muslim kids dancing troupe purports to perform the debka, a Middle-Eastern step-dance. But this group, made up of mostly Palestinian Muslims and under the auspices of the Milwaukee Muslim American Society does far more in its "performance. " And it's frightening to say the least

In June 2004, I went undercover and attended a Dearborn fundraising dinner for Islamic Relief, the Muslim Brotherhood charity that is a front for HAMAS and Al-Qaeda.

The event was MC'ed by Rayed Tayeh, who orchestrated the Starbucks Coffee boycott and who is believed to be a HAMAS operative

Sanabel AlQuds performed to songs calling for martyrdom to "get back Palestine." The kids were young boys, some of them appearing to be no older than seven years old

But they didn't just dance the debkah

Suddenly the Sanabel AlQuds dancers pulled out fake swords and rifles and adorned three of their troupe respectively with an American, Isreaeli, and British flag. The others pretended to behead and/or shoot the boys wearing the flags. Then they put red scarves over the three boys heads, signifying blood and no head.
Then, the flags were taken off, thrown to the ground, and trampled on by this young group of Milwaukee dancers

This was on the Sunday that U.S. contractor Paul Johnson was found beheaded in Saudi Arabia and not long after Nicholas Berg and several other westerners were found beheaded in Iraq

Once I saw this "performance" I realized why there were signs all over saying, "No video equipment or cameras allowed. "

I wrote about this in 2004 in my review of "Fahrenheit 9/11", because it featured Obama surrogate John Conyers who was at the Sanabel AlQuds performance and just loved it

Take the June 13 Muslim American Society fundraising dinner for Islamic Relief, a charity with links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Conyers and his wife were the guests of honor. They watched and clapped as the Sanabel AlQuds "dancing" troop from Milwaukee--featuring boys as young as seven--sang in Arabic of martyrdom and jihad for Allah and Palestine.

They didn't need to understand Arabic, as the young boys used a rifle to simulate killing and pistol-whipping, simulated throat-slittings and beheadings, and dishonored the American flag

Some pictures of Sanabel AlQuds Dabka troupe hint at some of this and show the kids dancing with swords (see above)

I also wrote about it in August 2006, because I'm sick and tired of the tens of millions the Mormon Church, the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, has been giving this group, Islamic Relief:

The evening's "entertainment" consisted of young boys--some apparently as young as seven--simulating beheadings and shootings of other young boys who donned the American, Israeli, and British flags. Then they put red scarves over their heads to symbolize blood . . .and no head

While I do not know if Sanabel AlQuds performed this particular "dance" for Barack and Michelle Obama and other guests at this dinner, I know that this was their performance in the summer of 2004, just a year after the dinner that is the subject of the videotape the Los Angeles Times will not release. It may be that this same "act" was performed for the Obamas, but that it was not part of the tape, which would be why L.A. Times plagiarist/"reporter" Peter Wallsten did not write about it

Still, why is Barack Obama hanging out with young kids who simulate beheadings of Americans and Jews on a regular basis?

Maybe they can perform their unique, halal version of the debka at an Inaugural Ball. I'm sure the Secret Service would make an allowance for the swords . . .
for the sake of political correctness

h/t http://www.%20debbieschlussel.%20com/archives/2008/10/exclusive_dance.%20html

Here is clip of what they were probably showing.... I'm only speculating, but this clip is very light and it really doesn't show beheadings, but it shows some people before getting decapitated by islam's knife. A simulation of beheading dancers??? What's next? I believe it. Most muslim feed on those images. For them it's all about killing and more killing and then they show their killings, especially beheadings in all of their sites and all of their training camps/mosques.

And if you think about it, Odinga, Obama's cousin, had no problem killing hundred's of people in Kenya, (including burning churches).

Oh and Obama did help his cousin Odinga financially, as well as in the campaign trail for when Odinga ran as an islamic militant in Kenya. This went on until last year 2007. And people don't know this, of course. Put in youtube's search box "Obama and Odinga" and you'll be able to see some pieces of the puzzle. The media is simply our enemy. To tell the truth is almost a crime. We need to rely on any other source than the media/printed press. Someone like Obama should never run for president, but should run from authorities for all the corruption he has committed. End of story.

A simulation of beheading dancers??? Formidable!

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