Thursday, February 12, 2009

Made in Amerikah - Homegrown Jihadists & Terrorists Traning Camps

“THE TERRORISTS ARE COMING” No, they aren’t, they’re already here.

JIHAD IN OHIO….yes, OHIO! Terrorists in the heartland.

The heartland of America is no stranger to radical Islam. There’s a network of Islamic extremism tied to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood right in the heart of Central Ohio.


OHIO hate preacher Sheikh Khalid Yasin justifies terrorism, calls Christian and Jewish beliefs filth, and blames America for 9/11 and the AIDS virus.

Yet he is still allowed to lecture at a local college.


OHIO Terror Sheikh Salah Sultan, president of American Center for Islamic Research in Columbus says the 9/11 attacks were planned within the U.S. in order to enable the U.S. to control and terrorize the entire world.

Gee, he sounds just like the liberals in this country.
I wonder how much money our government gives his organization?


GOODBYE COLUMBUS. Ohio man, accused of helping al Qaeda in plots to bomb vacation resorts popular with Americans and an Ohio mall, using WMDs, pleads guilty to working with terrorists.

Beware the neighbors wearing beards and funny clothes. Converts to Islam are among the most virulent of terrorists.


NORTH CAROLINA: Hezbollah Terror Cell, said to be more dangerous than al Qaeda, is STILL in operation in Charlotte even though it was first discovered in 2002.

Mohammed Hamoud and his brother were convicted in Charlotte of smuggling cigarettes and funneling the money to Hezbollah. Prosecutors said they were the head of a secret Hezbollah cell. Ken Bell got thirteen guilty pleas, three convictions, and one deportation in the cigarette case. Still the FBI believes Hezbollah has not left Charlotte.

Well, how about deporting the rest of them, ICE/FBI? Well, actually let's just play their game and do to them what they want to do to us.


PENNSYLVANIA: FBI videos show Fort Dix terrorists training in the Poconos, but lawyers for the defendants said they were not planning anything.

No, of course they weren’t planning anything, they were just nice Muslim boys enjoying the fresh mountain air, while firing guns and shouting “Allah akbar.” Federal officials released dozens of video and audio tapes from the terrorism trial of five men accused of planning an attack on the Fort Dix Army training base in New Jersey. Prosecutors said during opening statements that the men were inspired by al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden.

The tapes show some of the defendants training with automatic weapons at a firing range in the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania. Others are downloads and tapes seized from the suspects’ homes that show the killing of American troops in Iraq.


VIRGINIA: Naming American streets after ISLAMIC TERRORISTS? What’s next - Changing Pennsylvania Avenue to Osama bin Laden Blvd?

A road named after international terrorist, “Sheikh Gilani Lane,” is causing outrage from residents of Charlotte County, VA.


INDIANA: The Islamic Society of North America is known to be funding charities that are fronts for terrorist organizations.

Notice how the female commentator seems to sympathize with the Muslims, yet questions the motives of Steve Emerson, renowned expert on Islamic terrorism.


One out of four U.S. Muslims believes SUICIDE BOMBINGS AGAINST CIVILIANS are OK.

26% of young Muslim-Americans justify suicide bombings

27% of Muslim-Americans refuse to condemn al-Qaeda

60% of Muslim-Americans don’t believe that Arab men had anything to do with 9/11.

There are between 6 - 7 million Muslims in the United States. You do the math.


HOMEGROWN JIHAD: Terrorist Camps in 22 states around the U.S.


The Christian Action Network(CAN) has produced an important new film about the 35 para-military training camps in 22 states in the U.S. and Canada. These camps are sponsored by the terrorist group Jamaat ul-Fuqra (JF) or “community of the impoverished” and its notorious Pakistani founder, Sheik Mubarak Ali Gilani. The film is entitled: “Homegrown Jihad: Terrorist Camps Around the U.S” This is an important documentary on a subject I’ve written about in theNew English Review,” Jamaat ul-Fuqra: The best positioned group to help al-Qaeda launch an attack in the US.” I noted the following in the NER article on JF:

..The group here in the US has committed attacks and robberies, acquired contraband arms, engaging in counterfeiting activities, and proselytized effectively among Afro-American prison inmates. JF members participated in the 1993 terror bombing of the World Trade Center.
..JF seeks to “purify Islam” through violence.
..What is of great concern is that federal and state law enforcement authorities have investigated and monitored JF and its front group Muslims of the Americas (MoA) and delisted the group as a terrorist organization. Nor has the IRS taken away MoA’s charitable tax exempt status.

.. ..


MORE HOMEGROWN JIHAD: Terrorist Training Compunds on American soil recruiting American Muslims.

Oh goodie! A new home for the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who King Hussein is importing here to live in America, using taxpayer money.* Scattered across the United States, unknown to all but a handful of citizens, are 35 Islamic terrorist training compoundsknown as Muslims of America. Under the leadership of a radical Pakistani cleric, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, Muslims of America has thousands of devoted followers who are being groomed for HOMEGROWN JIHAD.

In never-before-seen video footage, the Christian Action Network exposes these dangerous terrorist compounds and reveals for the first time a secret training tape in which American Muslims are recruited to join one of the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare right here in America! They are called Soldiers of Allah and they are trained in explosives, kidnapping, murder, firing weapons, and guerilla warfare. They are told, “Act like you are a friend, then kill him just like from the book.”



Groups like the Muslim American Society, a US offshoot of the terrorist group, The Muslim Brotherhood, use political (soft) jihad to accomplish the same goals as that of their terrorist cousins - the eventual overthrow of the US government to be replaced by Shari’a Law.