Friday, May 9, 2008

The Myth of the FEMA Concentration Camp Part I

-A look into the evergrowing Urban Legend and Internet Myth

The urban legend/Internet myth spreading the wild story that 'secret concentration camps' created by FEMA and manned by personnel from the military or DHS exist within the borders of the United States to house ‘detainees’ or displaced personnel from natural or man-made disasters or if the government wants to detain you and make the USA a police state is just that: A myth and a very popular urban legend.

-FEMA trailer staging ground

While on the topic of 'concentration camps' in the US run by FEMA, it would be remiss to not mention all the rest of the alleged plans and plots to take over the nation. Readiness Exercise 1984 which included some favorites like Operation Garden Plot and Operation Cable Splicer. These programs allegedly called for the shutdown of military bases to be used as detainment centers for displaced person, namely US citizens.

First, lets look at that concept. To shut down a military base. Where do you send the dependants? Where do you send the core support units? Where do you house all these displaced people? Over the last 10-15 years we have seen military base closures nationwide and worldwide through a program known as BRAC or Base Realignment and Closure and we have also seen how long it takes to close them down, reassign personnel and disband units.

*Anyone who has been in the military and/or understands logistics on a massive scale should understand this very well. I myself worked at Naval Station Pascagoula in Mississippi in 2005-2006 with a defense contractor, and that base was put on the BRAC and shut down. I and co-workers had to assist in this process, because we were intelligence and had to break down our SCIF. This is a long freakin' process, although Hurricane Katrina aided alot in some of the tearing down process, it was a nightmare.

Now supposedly, we are to accept the fact that within hours or days, a large enough installation is to be closed down and virtually overnight, be turned into a detainment center? The logistics alone are enough to give anyone an ulcer and migraine and are far beyond any agencies capabilities much less anything FEMA is capable of.

We are to believe FEMA, an agency which as we all saw had alot of problems during Katrina and other assorted disasters is supposed to be able to empty one or more military installations and get it ready for detainees? With all the problems FEMA has had with bad leadership and now being under Homeland Security’s umbrella, it seems extremely unlikely that they or any other agency could conduct this task efficiently or within any kind of time restraint let alone within our lifetime.

FEMA’s budget is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE! and therefore open to scrutiny. How could they hide the expense and cost of manning these alleged centers within that publicly disclosed document? This is the agency where five of the top eight agency officials came into their posts with virtually no experience in handling disasters and yet, the Internet myth and paranoia expects these people to have control over ‘relocation camps’?

*More to come in Part II


Anonymous said...

You said, "FEMA’s budget is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE!"

Ever heard of the black budget you stupid idiot? The government disclose everything you naive gullible simpleton. Rumsfeld himself said $2.3 trillion was unaccounted for. Get your head out of your arrogant screaming ranting ass you idiot.

Anonymous said...

I meant "doesn't disclose everything.

Anonymous said...

And since when does no one in government lie? Dur? Isn't there an "American Congress for Truth" seal on your site? What's it there fore , is it because Congress is oh so honest? Idiot.

Anonymous said...

The guy above me seems very angry and aggressive. Honestly who says "Gullible or simpleton".