Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Houston You Have A Problem.....A muslim One.

Some Houston residents are upset after korans were left on the doorsteps of hundreds of homes in their neighborhood as part of a campaign to educate people about islam.

Residents of Braes Timbers in southwest Houston began finding the holy books two weeks ago, reported. The korans came with a note saying they had been left by the Book of Signs Foundation, which claims to have distributed 30,000 free copies of the texts to residents throughout the city.

"If we went into a muslim country and left a Bible, we would be in prison and then decapitated a few years later," Sue Ann Pieri, a resident who chose not to destroy the book, as other neighbors did, told

The foundation, which left the books on doormats or hanging from doorknobs, said in a note accompanying the koran that "rather than judging islam and muslims by the actions of a few, we want our fellow citizens to judge us by the book that influences and guides the lives of over 1 billion muslims."
Tarick Hussein, the president of Houston's Council on American-Islamic Relations, told the station he believes the Book of Signs Foundation wants to educate non-Muslims about the religion.

He told "This is a very peaceful way of conveying a message."

*The resident Sue Ann Pieri, had it right. If Christians went into a mostly muslim neighborhood, they'd be accused of committing 'hate crimes' and persecuting followers of the religion of peace and tolerance. Isn't it funny how they just take it upon themselves to do these things, but they demand that Christians and westerners in general check with them to make sure it's okay before we do something?

Death to islam..


Anonymous said...

Why don't the Muslims here and away from one of these Countries that they can't say anything, show us that they are truly not here to harm us. I would think anyone reading the Koran can see it is a book of hate. How can one hang on to this book, and see it as a peaceful religion. Maybe they are a peaceful people, but they have to stand up and show us why we shouldn't worry. I don't think all Muslims hate us. Let them get on the computer and tell us they denounce the hate in the Koran. So few have done that, and even the very outspoken seem to read love and peace in this book.
If many Christians have began to question the bible, and have been treated with being called everything from Atheist to evil, yet we fight on, then the Muslims can do the same.
Would you kill your child for getting pregnant, or raped? It is in the Koran. Would you behead a Christian. It says to in the Koran. God is a God of love, and no matter what name he is called he is still the same.

Spook said...

Excellent observations. All muslims may not hate us but I'll never be able to trust them until they end the madness once and for all.

I mean when a Christian or Jew leaves their faith, their family and friends aren't required to 'honor kill' them according to their Holy Book.

There is no true peace in the koran. That is a delusion, the muslims and their apologists are lying to us...taqqiya.