Thursday, July 24, 2008

British Blogger 'Lionheart' Quits...Freedom of Speech in Britain Is Lost

-The End

Here is the explanation from 'Lionheart,' aka Paul Ray

I was due to attend Greyfriars Police station today to answer bail regarding my arrest on ‘suspicion of stirring up racial hatred’ through written material on this blog. I was advised by my solicitor/lawyer yesterday that he had spoken to DC Holden regarding my attendance at the police station today and he told him that a decision still had not been made concerning me and my case so they are going to be bailing me for a further few months. So the leash is still around my neck, but it’s more of an extendable leash now, like the one you put your dog on so they can run a little further, rather than a choke chain.

Although I have enjoyed writing my point of view about the Jihad for others to read and hopefully shed some light for those who could not see, blogging does not put food on the table or a roof over your head, and those things are more important to me than writing words for others to read at this point in time. I will be back at some point in the future but not on this blog, this blog is now finished.

As I will not be posting on this blog again and I do mean it this time, there is a facebook group that I have set up that needs some life brought into it so I would ask that those who have contributed here will come and contribute there and bring some life to the group. It’s up to you though.
There is 18 months worth of video’s, writings, facts, opinions and beliefs on the pages of this blog, so there is enough for people to read who arrive here, and if the police have not got enough to charge me yet based on my whole blog then is it not about time they let me go so I can get on with my life?

These extra few months are not going to change anything, its not like I am going to wake up one morning and start telling people to burn out the Islamic Kingdom and hang the British traitors who are against us from London bridge is it? My beliefs and opinions are on each page of this blog and I have never once called for murder or violence against others, so why was I arrested?

I breached ‘community cohesion’, and how dare British citizens breach ‘community cohesion’, those newly formed racial hatred units in the police force need to show some work for their funding after all, so I was viewed as an easy target for the detected crime statistics considering I was open and honest on my blog.

P.S. I have one more thing I am waiting to post which I have been waiting on for about 4 months, so if it does finally arrive as ‘old news’ then I will post it, so keep checking back. Any posts that I do make from now on that I think are important will be posted on Radarsite.

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Anonymous said...

A sad day for Lionheart, for the UK, for all freedom-loving people. Here in the US a friend told me I would receive a knock on the door from the government for what I write on-line. Another, however, said that historians will uncover these Internet works and memorialize them in books - it will show how much was known, by whom, while our "leaders" remained either clueless or complicit. Will this be written after Iran nukes someone? After islam tears down 10,000 churches? If islam gets what it wants, it will never be written.
Civilus Defendus, 2009