Saturday, June 21, 2008


Who is really funding "hate America" Anti-war" protesters?

We all know Soros and Moveon org's involvement, but direct rich arab individuals, (note individuals, so there is no linkage to a particular nation/kingdom as they are not part of that government/kingdom's as officials) it's a nice little secret they don't want to tell you. They also fund Ron Paul's "revolution" campaign as they use it as a tool to foment further anti-war and anti-American sentiment, Gaza strip-based campaigning for Obama, etc.

Al-Jazeera also aids in propagating this whole transnational network.

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(SR71)Atomica said...

The time has come to shut down International ANSWER under the Racketeer and Influence Corrupt Organisation (RICO) Act, sedition, and treason --- and deport their principals to someplace like Cuba, Venezuela, or China without a trial, and bar them from ever re-entering the United States again.