Thursday, October 2, 2008

Obama Supports His Own Cousin Odinga, an Islamic Militant From Kenya Who Killed Approx. 1,000 People

Obama Supported and Supports His Cousin, Odinga to Kill in Kenya

Barack Obama has a cousin in Kenya he almost never talks about, but whom everyone in Kenya knows. His name is Raila Odinga... Watch before they delete this video too!

Barack Obama has actively campaigned for Raila Odinga to become president of Kenya - even before Obama started his own run for the presidency of the USA... What everyone in Kenya knows, but almost no one in the USA knows, is that Odinga has made a pact with the Muslim leaders of Kenya, in order to gain their support....

This pact (actually shown in the video), calls for the establishment of a "safe haven" for terrorists in Kenya, the imposition of Sharia (Islamic) law, and the outlawing of public Christianity in Kenya....

Barack Obama has supported Odinga in spite of (or perhaps because of) this Islamic pact, and continues to support Odinga in his aims, even though Odinga lost the recent elections...

Let's see....

Obama supported and still supports:

The imposition of Sharia (Islamic) law
Outlawing of public Christianity
His cousin, Raila Odinga, an islamic militant, who killed over 1,000 people and displaced 350,000....

What's next???

Then they try to dig dirt about Palin's family! PLEASE!!

Oh and did I mention that Obama's own brother, George in Kenya lives in a mud hut with very little to eat, if any.... (Lives on less than $1 a month)

... And they still try to bash Palin's family and they have brought to the masses lies, NOTHING BUT LIES, but yet they haven't shown this about OBAMA!!

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KJC402 said...

at 3:18 into the video Odinga refers to BHO, Jr. as President Obama.

Must be that even he thinks they have the US election in the bag.