Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Fema Death Camps

Sure, the NWO is after us....



mississippimud2007 said...

I must have some how slipped through they system of death! I stayed in a fema "Camp" in Biloxi, and then I got my own home ! Thank goodness the illuminati didn't get me ! ( Sarcasm )


Anonymous said...

whats the difference between palins mouth & v-agina? only 20% of what comes out of her v-agina is retarded

mcfossil shit his pants, palin drank down the corn shit & gulped for more,
rick davis fingered all the palin kids while todd sucked old cum from cindys c=unt, how were they supposed to win ??

SIREN said...

You have been reported and the funny thing is that blogger is not like youtube. One can track you down. I got more than 3 different trackers on this site and you fell right for it.
Now after you trolled around youtube spewing nothing but nonsense, insults, hatred, the most degenerate things that only a pedophile would say, like a dog with rabies... I just got a laugh... LOL