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Stabbed In The Back....Truth About The Vietnam War

-'Stabbed In the Back' is an ebook about the Vietnam War and the destructive roles played by the liberal Media and the anti-war movement during that war.

"After almost 8 years of war and over 58,000 American dead, and even though over 30 years have passed since it ended, what is the true story has yet to be told. What they do say is, 'they lost...they fought for nothing.' That statement is a betrayer's lie, and a refuge for all they represent. Ultimately, it is also a threat to the survival of this country, and this work has not only been written to prove it...but to 'once and for all' tell the true story of....THE VIETNAM WAR.
The author, Joel Vertichio who served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade and his brother Gary, who served with the 82nd Airborne and received the Bronze Star, are both veterans of the Vietnam War. And oh by the way, Gary was also at Ground Zero after 9/11, among the first Iron Workers arriving to help search for survivors.

They certainly have a perspective that I nor anyone else who never served there, could ever have about Vietnam. But, serving in Afghanistan and Iraq I have experienced first hand that the realities on the ground there weren't what was being reported back home by the Media, just like in Vietnam.

I experienced the media reporting on information provided by the Taliban in Afghanistan after a mission I participated in taking out a compound of Taliban fighters. Only to talk to my dad the next day and have him tell me that NBC was reporting that 11 innocent villagers with nothing but pitchforks and rakes were killed in an American mission west of Kandahar.

Turns out they were talking about us! Those 'innocent villagers' were militants and were carrying AK-47's and RPG's not pitchforks and rakes. And it wasn't even 11 that were killed it was 6. Afghan Pres. Hamid Karzai expressed public outrage and demanded an investigation, and he got it. Well, after he viewed the video that was taken from a USAF C-130 Gunship covering the mission, he saw the truth and was satisfied, and he said so publicly...end of story.

The media did the same in Iraq in a place called Haditha. This time it was a TIME Magazine reporter receiving lies from an insurgent there. They reported it to Rep. John Murtha (D) who reported it publicly without any verification, and called a group of innocent Marines 'murderers,' and nearly ruined their lives. I was lucky I guess.

-Walter Cronkite lied about the Vietnam War from this desk.

But, there has been no escaping media lies in those wars and there was no escape from media lies about Vietnam.
-'Hanoi Jane Fonda'

-'Hanoi Jane' and future Senator John Kerry

The anti-war movement as discussed in 'Stabbed In the Back' is now what it was then, just not as big. Filthy leftwing clueless idiots, most of whom have never served a day in the military let alone in a war zone, and who have no idea what it's like to live in a tent or on the ground for months at a time with no heater or A/C, with no running water or ovens to cook with. Most of them come from affluent families and wealthy backgrounds with no idea what sacrifice and selflessness means.
'Stabbed In the Back' will take you through a Chronology timeline from 1965-2000. It will take you through battles such as the TET Offensive and Khe Sanh. It will take you to Cambodia and into the 1972 Easter Offensive. And it will certainly tell you the role the media played.

But, 'Stabbed In the Back' also discusses some current issues and threats that face us today such as National Missile Defense, islamic terrorism, Russia, China and Communism. The author also discusses Pres. Jimmy Carter's stupid decision of letting go of the Panama Canal.
*You can go to the link and check out the website for 'Stabbed In the Back', and if you want an interesting read, buy yourself a very inexpensive copy and become more enlightened....not just about Vietnam but also some of the threats we face today. I have!

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